Airstream Living in North America

Airstream living and nomadic RV travel in North America is currently amidst a renaissance. The rise of the gig economy, telecommuting and ubiquitous internet combined with cheap fuel prices has enabled herds of wanderers to hit the road in search of adventure. I have been enjoying this lifestyle for over four years and to this day it continues to astonish me. The wide open spaces, the sense of freedom, a constant flow of new experiences and dramatic views. The 91 gallons of coffee. Airstream living is very comfortable, but I'd be remiss not to mention there are highs AND lows. Like that time we spent the night stuck in a muddy roadside ditch in Chaco Canyon. Or when our solar batteries bounced out of their box and fried our entire electrical system. Also when the pantry latch busted open on one of the bumpiest highways in the Yukon Territory. Yeah, there has been no shortage of humble pie. One of these days I'll curate a gallery of all the disasters and heartache. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this gallery of Airstream living highlights.

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