2019 Cinematography Show Reel

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Today, I’m pleased to share my long overdue 2019 cinematography show reel. I’ve been passionately creating short films for the past several years for active brands and personal projects while traveling North America, however, curating and sharing a highlight reel was a labor of love that kept simmering on the back burner. This year I’m driving forward my cinematography projects because the storytelling impact of moving images and sound is unparalleled.

I kept this reel short and tight as a 90 second compilation but so much hard work has gone into directing and capturing these moments. I hope you enjoy the vicarious ride!

A huge thanks to my wife and friends who have supported me on my filmmaking journey (AJ Knufken, Lisa Donato, Gus Menendez, David Couillard). Not to mention the talented cast of people who appear in this reel (Erik MacDonald, Greta Eagan, Mud Flower Yoga, Larissa Emanuele, Michelle Waller) They are talented entrepreneurs, accomplished athletes and intrepid adventurers in their own right. Lastly, a big thanks to Fujifilm, who equipped me with the high-quality cameras and optics that made most of these images possible.

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