Seth K. Hughes


Photographer, filmmaker and adventurer.

As a professional storyteller, I transport viewers into compelling scenes and immersive narratives. My passion lies at the intersection of lifestyle, adventure and outdoor portrait photography. I always strive to imbue authenticity and the essence of my subject through a visual toolkit. This includes nuanced lighting, three dimensional compositions and expressive moments. These types of images are the most effective in capturing attention, conveying emotion and telling a story.

I grew up in Jackson Hole and this is where my love of photography began. The seed was planted by my mother and grandmother who were both artists in their own right. They put cameras and photo albums in my hands which developed my creative eye at a young age. With the Grand Tetons in my backyard, I was off and running. Ten years later I studied traditional art and multimedia at college in Seattle and ultimately earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in photography at The Art Institute of Colorado in 2006. I have been shooting commercial and editorial assignments professionally ever since.

In 2014, my wife and I became location independent and we frequently roam across North America in our aluminum house on wheels. I'm always inspired by exploration, new collaborations, diverse experiences and what's out there just beyond my comfort zone.

Some clients include Visa, Chacos Footwear, National Geographic, Backpacker magazine, SKI magazine, Outside magazine, Wired magazine and Condé Nast.

I am also a proud Fujifilm X-Photographer ambassador.

Along with my email dispatches, I send out free wallpaper photographs each month to load on your mobile device!