Fujifilm XF70-300mm Review: An Astonishingly Unique Adventure Lens

In this Fujifilm XF70-300mm review, I share my thoughts on why it’s the ideal travel + adventure lens. But first, a little bit about my background and style of shooting. My first love as a photographer and filmmaker is the … Read More

How to find the best photography locations

You don’t have to travel halfway around the globe to find stunning, eye-catching locations.… Read More

Fujifilm X-Pro3 Camera Review: Substance or Style?

In a Fujifilm X-Pro3 camera review, one must contemplate the concept of rangefinder cameras. These cameras bring a simplistic joy to photography that’s rare to experience in modern day. Half a century ago, photographers used rangefinders with manual precision to compose … Read More

2019 Cinematography Show Reel

Today, I’m pleased to share my long overdue 2019 cinematography show reel. I’ve been passionately creating short films for the past several years for active brands and personal projects while traveling North America, however, curating and sharing a highlight reel … Read More

Fujifilm X-H1 Best Video Features

As of early 2018, Fujifilm stepped up their game with a flurry of impressive new video features packed into the Fujifilm X-H1. Aimed at aspiring filmmakers and hybrid shooters, the X-H1 has a new body style that was designed from … Read More

Airstream Living in North America

Ever wonder what Airstream living in North America is like? Allow me to preface that it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. Like that time we spent the night stuck in a muddy, roadside ditch. Someday I’ll post photos of all the bad days, in the meantime I hope you enjoy this gallery of good days.… Read More

How to Photograph Colorado’s Best Landscapes

Colorado. Where else can you hike to a 12,000-foot hut one morning, take an 1800’s-era steam-powered train the next, and ply the sheer vertical cliffs of purple-hued mountains the day after?… Read More

Fujifilm X-E3: First Look

Yesterday the long anticipated Fujifilm X-E3 mirrorless camera was announced. What’s so special about this camera? Luckily I was able to get my hands on a pre-release model to find out! In this video I take the Fujifilm X-E3 for a spin…… Read More

Giant Sequoia – framed photo giveaway!

There are few things that I can say have enriched my life more throughout the years than public lands. Living out West, I have spent countless days exploring and admiring these natural wonders. They provide so much beauty and photographic … Read More

Labrador, Canada. As far north as we could go!

If you point your vehicle northeast and continue driving for days on end, eventually you will end up here…. In this vlog (above) my wife and I arrive in Labrador, Canada by way of the Newfoundland Coast and a ferry ride across … Read More

Backpacking Gros Morne National Park

This adventure is not meant for sissies. That means that I barely qualified. Backpacking the Long Range Traverse in Gros Morne National Park is an experience like no other. The views from above Western Brook Pond are magical, however, continuing the route … Read More

2016 Road Trip Highlights

For most of my life I overlooked the simple act of reflection, but lately I’ve had a lot more life in my years to reflect on. That’s a good thing.… Read More

My Wilderness Photo Kit

I alluded to my wilderness photo kit in my vlog up above, Wilderness Camping Part 1 (in Gros Morne National Park). In the vlog I share an up close look at prepping and packing essential items for a 5 day backcountry trip. I decided … Read More

A Tour of Tiny Houses

In this VLOG I take a tiny house tour of the contemporary artist retreats on the remote, photogenic landscape of Fogo Island. All of these tiny houses are off-grid, solar powered hermitages that require walk-in access by way of narrow … Read More

Hanging around St. John’s, NL

In this VLOG I explore Jellybean Row and Signal Hill while visiting St. John’s, Newfoundland in the summertime. St. John’s is the eastern most city in North America and it is one of the earliest European settlements dating back to … Read More

Drone fail in St. John’s, NL

Occasionally in life we are met with a series of defeats or challenges in rapid succession. They can emerge out of nowhere and I’ve found that they typically come in bursts of three. Don’t ask me why. Sometimes sh!t just … Read More

Trinity Bay, Newfoundland: A Snapshot

The historic town of Trinity, Newfoundland was one of my favorite stops while visiting the island with my Airstream trailer in August, 2016. This video snapshot shows a quick glimpse into why. The rural community is steeped in colorful maritime … Read More

RV Living Full Time: A Day in the Life

My wife and I are travelers and adventure junkies at heart. Many people ask me what it’s like living, working and traveling full time with an Airstream trailer. Well, this VLOG is for you! I decided to start sharing some of our day to day … Read More

Extreme Bay of Fundy tides

The Bay of Fundy has the largest tidal range in the world. Every six hours the tide can swing up to 50 vertical feet exposing or submerging large fields of mud and rocks. While traveling through New Brunswick and Nova … Read More

Exploring Acadia National Park, Maine

While visiting Acadia National Park last June – my friends and I hit some its highlights by going sea kayaking in Bar Harbor, hiking on the Beehive Trail and then driving up Cadillac Mountain at sunset! I made a video VLOG so that others … Read More

The Portland Head Lighthouse

My very FIRST TRAVEL VLOG! Shot on location in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.I decided to start sharing some day to day experiences so that people can see what goes on behind the scenes of my photographs. This is not a vacation. This is a nomadic … Read More

DJI Phantom 4: Unboxing and first flight footage

In this video I share my DJI Phantom 4 Unboxing and first flight footage from the Atlantic Coast in rural Maine.

Fujifilm X-T1 Video: How to shoot the best quality

All about the Fujifilm X-T1 mirrorless camera and how to shoot the best quality video with its limited capabilities.… Read More

The Fujifilm X-Pro2 Hybrid Viewfinder

What the Fujifilm X-Pro2 hybrid viewfinder means and how to get the most from it.… Read More

Saw and Mitre: An artisan collaboration

It feels good to support small businesses who offer quality products that are made in the USA. That’s why I am proud to announce an artisan collaboration with the folks over at Saw and Mitre Frame Company. David Rathbone, adventurer and … Read More

The Fujifilm X-T10: first impressions

It’s true, most professional travel and action photographers use a DSLR camera. It should be a hefty black brick with a formidable lens on the front because let’s face it, when you’re a serious photographer you don’t mess around with any of those smaller “toy” cameras, right? … Read More

Published work: Alaska magazine photo story

Alaska magazine photo story and cover Do what you love. If you embark on a personal project that truly interests you and stretches your limits – your passion and energy will shine through and good things will happen! That was the case for … Read More

New book project in the works – The Road to Alaska

This time a year ago I was driving across the Oregon/Washington border and steadily making my way north. My destination was Alaska and I spent the better part of three months there exploring its vast and incredible landscape. I’m thrilled to … Read More

Why I ditched my comfort zone

I shot this selfie drone video (aka dronie) while camping in the Eastern Sierras with my wife to commemorate our one year anniversary of turning life upside down. I’ll tell you what I mean by that in a moment, but … Read More

Travel portraits of RV nomads

This month out in the Anza Borrego desert east of San Diego, I steered myself into the middle of an impromptu gathering of full-time RV travelers. These were not natives of the region, but in fact they were quite the … Read More

5 steps to better night photography

You’ve probably noticed the proliferation of night photography across all media channels, especially Facebook and Instagram. A new batch of camera sensors with excellent low-light capabilities have made night photography popular among amateurs and professionals alike. Night photography was very hard to do just … Read More

Yoga photography in Boulder, Colorado

I’m super excited to be working with the folks at Velo Press in Boulder, Colorado. It’s always great to have an excuse to travel back to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. I flew out earlier in the week to shoot … Read More

Portrait from the Road: Tasha & Carley

Dawson City, Yukon These two unlikely hitchhikers were stranded on a rather seedy and remote section of the Klondike Highway north of Whitehorse in the Yukon interior. With charm like this, how could we resist giving them a lift? We … Read More

Portrait from the Road: Jack

Aguirre Springs Campground, New Mexico “I used to be a presidential bodyguard. Nixon, Ford, Johnson. Two tours in Vietnam. I’ve been rich more times than I can count, and I’ve pissed it all away. That’s okay, it was fun. I’ve … Read More

Published work: Backpacker gear guide photography

Backpacker gear guide photography It has been an honor and a privilege to collaborate once again with the team at Backpacker magazine. We were buried in my Boulder studio for two weeks under a mountain of boots, pads, sleeping bags, water bottles and … Read More