DJI Phantom 4: Unboxing and first flight footage

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In this video I share my DJI Phantom 4 Unboxing and first flight footage from the Atlantic Coast in rural Maine.

The Phantom 4 quadcopter is the latest model UAV drone by DJI. It is capable of recording 4K video with an impressive gimball stabilization system which enables stunning aerial video footage. It is also currently the safest drone on the market due to its collision avoidance system. I have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get my hands on this device. I plan to document and capture unique, aerial perspectives of the epic landscapes that I encounter on my travels. The Phantom 4 will make the perfect addition to my photography and video toolkit.

As you'll see in the video, it takes a little time to set up and get familiar with the aircraft. I don't recommend rushing through this process as it is very important to get right. Especially with the compass calibration and satellite detection. With that said, it is relatively easy to get fired up and airborne in a short time. Also, be sure to start slow and get comfortable with the controls before tearing off into the horizon.

I am amazed with the video quality! Moreover, the flight controls, responsiveness of the drone and the smoothness of the gimbal operation are all very impressive. This drone is a lot of fun to fly! Take a look at the footage and let me know what you think. Also, consider Subscribing to my YouTube channel if you would like to see more stunning North American landscapes from the air. In the coming videos I will be exploring the breathtaking island of Newfoundland.

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