Drone fail in St. John’s, NL

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Occasionally in life we are met with a series of defeats or challenges in rapid succession. They can emerge out of nowhere and I’ve found that they typically come in bursts of three. Don’t ask me why. Sometimes sh!t just happens. Three times. While visiting St. John’s, Newfoundland over the summer I experienced a rough patch of personal difficulties that culminated in an epic drone fail. While immersed in the creative process I crashed my beloved DJI Phantom 4 into the icy waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It was a bitter pill to swallow.

In the same week, I struggled with a critical piece of equipment that allows my Airstream (home) to be transported. On top of that, my dog fell ill. At the time, it was a heartbreaking turn of events, but ultimately the problems were nothing that couldn’t be overcome.

I think there are a few lessons to be learned here.

1.) Failures and challenges are compulsory in life. How we choose to react and learn from these experiences is what defines us.

2.) With creative pursuits, often the best results are achieved when you allow yourself to take risks. Just be sure you have a margin of safety and that no one is actually in danger.

3.) Equipment insurance is your friend.

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