Labrador, Canada. As far north as we could go!

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If you point your vehicle northeast and continue driving for days on end, eventually you will end up here.... In this vlog (above) my wife and I arrive in Labrador, Canada by way of the Newfoundland Coast and a ferry ride across the deadly Belle Isle Strait. We ended up camping at the base of the L’Anse Amour Lighthouse and exploring the Red Bay UNESCO World Heritage Site during the autumn of 2016.

Labrador has an estimated population of 27,000. It's best known for it's gregarious dog breeds, drifting icebergs, polar bears and extreme wilderness. Most of this region is free of roads and therefore we were only able to scratch the surface. Nonetheless, in under three days we enjoyed a sampling of the local culture, historic landmarks and famous cloud berry pie!

Next time I'd like to visit in late spring or early summer. This is when city-building-size icebergs are commonly seen floating along the coast.

Labrador fun facts:
  • The population makes up only 8% of the Newfoundland Labrador province.
  • It's the largest and northernmost region in Atlantic Canada.
  • The lighthouse at L'Anse Amour is the second largest lighthouse in Canada.
  • Southern Labrador's climate is classified as subarctic.
  • Ursus maritimus (the polar bear) reaches the southeast of Labrador on its annual migration.

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