Trinity Bay, Newfoundland: A Snapshot

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The historic town of Trinity, Newfoundland was one of my favorite stops while visiting the island with my Airstream trailer in August, 2016. This video snapshot shows a quick glimpse into why. The rural community is steeped in colorful maritime culture with beautiful topography and historic buildings. The entire town can easily be toured on foot. During the early summer months, whales and icebergs are commonly spotted drifting by. My wife and I went for a leisurely paddle around the bay and were rewarded with extraordinary views of enormous granite walls and freestanding monoliths. It quickly turned into one of the most endearing Newfoundland experiences we had.

A major Hollywood film was produced here as well. The movie is called The Shipping News starring Kevin Spacey, Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench. It was literally filmed in a few of the exact same locations I was drawn to photographically. Specifically, the shots pictured below with the island. To my surprise, I found out about the film afterwards! Evidently the cinematographer, Oliver Stapleton, and I are drawn to the same visuals. The movie is very well done and the cast alone is worth the price of admission. It was nominated for several awards back in 2001. I give the location of Trinity and the film a thumbs up.

Definitely don't miss this area if you ever visit Newfoundland.


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