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This week I am working on a yoga photography project with the fine folks at Velo Press in Boulder, Colorado. They are one of the leading publishers in the world of endurance sports, cycling, triathlon and fitness.

As a commercial and editorial photographer based in Denver, I commonly travel far distances to my shoots. This time, because the shoot is in Boulder, I am fortunate enough to work on a project in my own backyard.

yoga photography in Boulder, Colorado

Project Summary

This particular project involves photographing a large variety of yoga poses. They are for the upcoming book Everyday Yoga by Sage Rountree. Sage is a lovely human being and an experienced yogini. She owns and operates Carolina Yoga Company in Durham, NC. Sage has extensive knowledge on the topic of helping athletes benefit from whole-body strength, flexibility and balance. All of which comes from a practicing yoga. I had a lot of fun collaborating with her on this book project.

Sage Rountree

(Above: Sage Rountree)

Local Yoga Photography Models

Luckily, Boulder has no shortage of esteemed athletes and yoga practitioners, so it was a fairly easy task sourcing local talent to model poses and be featured in the book. Kirsten Warner and Rob Loud brought their “A game” and an abundance of positive energy which made for a smooth day on set. It always makes my job as a photographer easier when talented, upbeat people like Kirsten and Rob are in front of my lens. And of course, Sage modeled some poses for her book as well! These are just a few samples of the yoga photography we produced over two days in the Velo Press studio in Boulder, Colorado.

gif animation of yoga photography in boulder colorado

I’m very happy with the quality and quantity of images we shot for Sage’s book. Big thanks to Vicki Hopewell, the art director. She played an instrumental role organizing the details and ensuring the success of the shoot. To see the finished book and to learn more about Sage’s yoga poses, check out her website.

Behind the Scenes

We were working with a lean budget which meant I needed to use the minimalist studio lighting kit provided with the in-house studio. I usually prefer renting high powered Profoto or Broncolor strobes for studio shoots like this, but I made these small mono lights and modifiers work just fine. Below are some BTS photos and videos from the shoot.

Time lapse video: shooting tethered in studio.

Time lapse video: set change with red back drop and assembling a laminate floor.

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